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Saturday, 21 November 2009
Mood:  blue
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                      I  EXPERIENCED THE COSMOS

       Crestfallen I looked up to the pervaded sky over my  head

        Billion of stars perceptible swapped over with glee in  vivid.

      I pierced through my vision the playful blinking stars.

            Discovered the Billionth one far-flung at quiet corner.

            Enquired him the reason of his consternation

            Heave of shy, fading one conveyed its revelation.

            I am ageless and timeless beyond your discernment

            What you perceive as Universe is mere a fragment.

            Gargantuan galaxies you envision a murky splash

            Thousands of serpentine streaks encompass the cosmos.

            In multidimensional space with limitless boundaries

            I stare at cosmic explosions ensue every split of time.

            What you articulate big bang the creator of cosmos

            It is nothing but a spatter in the water mass.

            Billions of times brighter than the sun it splashes

            Countless blush it manifest over the emptiness.

            Reverberation concentrate, die out in a moment

            Readiness persists to replicate set up for the next.

            I watch the formation of Galaxies and dissolution

            Faintly remember the Solar System yesterday was born.

            I recognize each atom and molecules vibrated for energy.

            Sequentially to evolve the acquired structures of genes for life.

            Million Light Years away, I witnessed a tiny globe in making 

           I Watched Gel fish to transform to most powerful human kind.

 Kept an eye on civilizations in making and extinguishing  

Can't watch deliberate attempt to desolation in offing.


 Me Amigo, you would never be able to place me yet again 

  I would choose to be for ever in blissful cosmic environ

Posted by mangalpur at 11:54 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 22 November 2009 12:01 AM EST

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